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parents: “u should be more active”
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“i want to kiss her. not because i want to feel the softness of her fair lips or the warmth of her breath as she exhales against me. i want to kiss her because i can’t think of any other way to fully express the beauty that she is. i want her to know that i see her as perfect. That she is perfect.” — bzq (via fuckinq)


Persona - Bikes

I love the fact Tatsyua and Minato both have super fast bikes and are driving awesomely, and Narukami is just on his fucking derpy ass scooter.

How to Deal with Procrastination


1. Be honest with yourself and admit that you’re putting off stuff that really needs to be done.

2. Try and figure out why you’re procrastinating. Is it because you don’t like it, it creates anxiety, you don’t understand it, it feels overwhelming, you’re disorganised …?

3. Decide to break the habit of procrastination by deliberately rewarding yourself for doing something you’d rather not do.

4. Make a pact with a friend –where you deliberately and regularly encourage each other, and hold each other accountable.

5.  Sit down and think – in detail – about all the likely consequences of not doing what needs to be done. Be brutally honest, and try and picture what you’re life is going to look like 6 months, a year and five years from now ( if you continue to procrastinate).

6. Decide to break large tasks down into smaller, more achievable tasks, and then tackle these smaller tasks one at a time.

7. Recognise your progress, and affirm and praise yourself for making these changes – and doing things differently, even though it’s hard. 


to think that in 3 years time, a bunch of dorks on a school trip from yasogami high in inaba are gonna sit there and get drunk off non-alcoholic drinks and play the kings game with each other like a bunch of dumb idiot nerds