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x-teabee-x asked:
Kisses you <3

klfdjsglkfd covers your adorable everything in kisses <33



Alternate titles for the Persona series:

  • The Police are Useless
  • Main Characters Are Defined by How Much They Don’t Follow School Dress Codes
  • Let’s Talk About Murder!
  • Saving Innocent Lives Can Wait; Have You Studied For Midterms?
  • All It Takes to Solve Life Problems is Someone Who Doesn’t Talk Much
  • Holy Shit, I Have A WHAT Inside Me?!
  • I Art Thou, and Thou Art Life Therapist


Yuki Kimisawa appreciation post because tumblr user superdarkheroaxel has finished the Kirihiko arc in W!

pearamedic asked:
Do da qs Ryan do em

Wait you mean aLL OF THEM

majdybrungus asked:
1 and 23!

1. Selfie

Ahaha I posted this a couple days ago but it’s fairly recent at least. It’s me being hyped about Kamen Rider (what else is new Ryan wow)

23. Fears
I’m mostly just scared of dying before I accomplish certain things in life. Or delete certain files from my hard drive.
I’m not really scared of the whole WHAT’S THE AFTERLIFE or WILL IT HURT conundrum so much as “I invested too much time in this shit for it to go to waste”

Oh. Or going blind. I need my eyes for literally everything I do so it kinda goes with the first fear too


yulcari asked:
questions 30 to 35 !

30. Favorite TV Shows
Kamen Rider OOO/W and Breaking Bad

31. 3 random facts
I only eat pizza cold, I’m well known among peers for making bird noises and I have a very one-track mind. Those are kinda random I guess

32. Are your friends mainly girls or guys?
For some reason, girls. I guess because I’m intimidated by guys my age and don’t tend to get along with them, never have. But I’m not very masculine anyways so it’s not much of a shock

33. Something you want to learn
Programming. Probably something easier like GML or Javascript to start with, but I’d like to move up to C+ or something someday.

34. Most embarrassing moment
I have too many of these to be sure and they all really eat at me. Specifically when I accidentally send a message to the wrong person and it’s something about them or if I’m mistaken about something and talk about it to someone who’s really passionate about that subject it’s like… They must be thinking “wow what a total idiot” and I never live that down

35. Favorite subject
Biology. Man I could talk about biology forever it’s just so fascinating to me I love it


dampho asked:
25, 9, 54, 13!!

9. who did you last see in person? 
My dad, he picked me up and brought me home and I’ve been holed up in my room ever since whoops

13. how do you feel right now? 
Things have been going well for me lately so mostly great! Except for my answer to 54 anyways.

25. role model 
Shigesato Itoi, that man can (and actually did) do just about everything someone can do in one lifetime. I want to have a set of skills as diverse as him one day.

54. something thats worrying me at the moment 
I’m failing like two classes and one of my teachers is pressuring me constantly to do something about it but the shitty, tedious assignments are really discouraging me



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